The Weed That Inspires Our Original Designs

OG dispensary first, iconic merch shop second. We are constantly in pursuit of perfection; family-owned and operated in Los Angeles, California, we’ve been masters of our craft since 2006.

Growing the best quality flower in-house by a seasoned growing and professional team with over 100 years of cultivation experience, discover more about the weed that inspires the Originals Clothing Shop designs.

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Casual Streetwear in LA

Take a walk down Fairfax and Melrose for all kinds of casual streetwear fashion. It won’t be long before you spot Originals merch. Maybe it’s the Originals Snapback that everyone wears, or our Thank You For Pot Smoking Hoodie, or possibly just a simple Leaf Sticker on the bottom of someone’s skateboard or back of their car -- Originals streetwear is all around LA.

Whether it's designer, vintage, or brand merch, south LA and, specifically, downtown Los Angeles is a mecca for casual streetwear.

Hypebeast wrote an entire four-part streetwear report, defining its history, evaluating its community, and tracing its cultural impact:

“Simply put, streetwear is fashionable casual clothes: T-shirts, hoodies and sneakers. But this surface definition of streetwear underplays a model that has single-handedly subverted the traditional fashion system by redefining its main component: exclusivity… While a brand’s coolness, exclusivity and status symbol have long been integral to fashion, streetwear introduces new key players: comfortable clothing and community.”

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About The Originals Factory & Weed Shop

Our Originals Factory & Weed Shop is located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. As masters of our craft, and to ensure the best quality, we grow our own flower in-house by a grow team with over 100 years of cultivation experience. We’re a family with the common goal of growing the best California has to offer.

Constantly in pursuit of perfection, we set out to create the best Originals merch that had the same quality as our flower. We put in the effort because the output is always a reflection of our input, attention, purpose, and dedication. And like we always say, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

Learn more about our Originals Factory & Weed Shop.

Originals OG Collection

Our OG Collection of weed apparel was inspired by our home state of California and our first area of expertise, weed. As originals in our craft, we knew we wanted our first collection to be streetwear hoodies and weed apparel that represented our brand and the best California has to offer.

California Bear Black Tee Shirt - Originals Clothing Shop


We created this collection with four designs:

Bear Design

When you mix the California state grizzly bear with leaf, flame, and stripes, you get our Bear design. We put this cute and cuddly design on a t-shirt, hoodie, snapback, mug, and sticker.

Learn more about your favorite Bear Hoodie design.

Originals Family Farms Design

You will find our classic Originals logo on a t-shirt, hoodie, zip-up, snapback, and beanie. Rep your favorite brand in comfort.

Leaf design

A simplistic leaf makes our t-shirt, crop top, mug, and sticker the perfect subtle nod to your favorite brand, us.

Thank You design

Appreciate the people around you with a t-shirt, hoodie, and sticker that simply says, THANK YOU FOR POT SMOKING.

Originals Strain Collection

The Originals Strain Collection of casual streetwear features two styles: the crop top and the OG shirt. Comfortable, stylish, and always original. Both shirt styles feature your favorite Originals strain names on the front with a simple strain-specified design and our iconic Originals logo on the back.

Originals Crop Top: The shirt you’re going to live in all summer long, our crop top is tight-fitting but still incredibly comfortable. It’s a trendy and stylish shirt that’s perfectly cropped.

Originals T-Shirt: A classic t-shirt style with a vintage, fitted look. This is the perfect shirt to wear again and again because it stays just as soft and cozy wash after wash.

Looking for your favorite strain? On both the crop top and t-shirt style, we created designs featuring Animal Face, Divorce Cake, Gelato, King Louie, London Pound Cake, Oakstradam, Originals OG, and Wedding Cake.

Learn more about the Originals Strain Collection.

Discover why the Animal Face Crop Top is the perfect casual summer stoner clothing piece.

When it comes to Originals, the best is always yet to come. Shop our OG Collection and Originals Strain Collection for casual streetwear inspired by our Originals Factory & Weed Shop and cult classic strains.