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  • Why These Strains for the Strains Collection?

    Wondering why we choose these specific strains for our Strain Collection? Learn why we chose the strains we did and dive into the Originals world w...
  • What Is All the Buzz with Crop Tops?

    Crop tops are the ultimate piece of casual clothing you’ll wear all year round, day and night. Discover why crop tops are so popular and why we love them here at Originals.
  • How to Rock Streetwear

    Are you rocking your streetwear? Or just throwing together things you think look good? Learn a few tips and tricks for styling streetwear hoodies, ...
  • Drawing Inspiration From LA Roots for the OG Collection

    From California’s cannabis history to our family farm’s origins, discover our inspiration behind the OG Collection.
  • The History of the Hoodie and Its Relation to Cannabis

    When you’re looking for something easy to throw on and run out the door in, you reach for your favorite hoodie. But how did that cozy cotton piece of casual clothing come to be? Learn more from Originals Clothing Shop.
  • How THC Affects Your Visual Sensations

    You take that first puff and immediately feel the effects. Learn how THC affects your visual sensations, perceived and real, and what science has to say about it.
  • Find a Style That's as Fresh as Your Bud

    Discover Originals apparel that matches your style and keeps you comfortable. From a basic hoodie with our bear logo to strain-specific tees, we have casual clothes to show everyone you’ve got an effortless style that speaks for itself.
  • Cannabis Experiences Increased by Comfort and Your Sense of Touch

    Discover the best way to take your high to a whole other level by playing into these enhanced sensory effects with Originals weed clothing.
  • The Weed That Inspires Our Original Designs

    OG dispensary first, iconic merch shop second. We are constantly in pursuit of perfection; family-owned and operated in Los Angeles, California, we’ve been masters of our craft since 2006.
  • Dope Local Spots in South Los Angeles

  • Originals Strain Collection: Casual Streetwear

  • Summer Style Guide: Weed Apparel & Casual Clothing

    Summer is right around the corner; discover what’s in style this summer for streetwear and stoner gear.

    Celebrate California clothing brands, like Originals Clothing Shop, and discover our summer style guide for weed apparel and stoner streetwear.