How to Rock Streetwear

Are you rocking your streetwear? Or just throwing together things you think look good?

Learn a few tips and tricks for styling streetwear hoodies, stoner clothing, and your favorite everyday pieces (we know you’ve been wearing that sweatshirt every day this week).

Find Your Streetwear Style

The first step in rocking streetwear is finding the right style for you. Taking a simple black hoodie and making it look cool and stylish is all about finding your own streetwear style and wearing pieces that inspire you and represent who you are.

Look at others for inspiration, but always stay true to yourself and be original.

Choose Quality Pieces

Ditch the trendy clothes that are made with cheap fabrics and flimsy materials and choose items made from quality materials that will last wear after wear. Quality materials not only last longer, but they look better too. They’ll lay nicer, resist pilling, and often even feel softer.

Additionally, choose pieces that you like, not what’s in style. Find something that speaks to you and your interests. Having hoodie outfits you actually like means they’re pieces that you’ll actually wear.

Shop quality pieces from our OG Collection.

Keep It Simple

Choose one piece to focus on and have that be the vibe of your outfit.

Streetwear hoodies are all about keeping it simple. Take a statement sweatshirt like our Thank You for Smoking Black Hoodie and make that your look. Pair with a simple pair of quality joggers or jeans and an all white shoe, done. Or, if you want your shoes to be the statement, pair them with a simple logo tee shirt and a black hoodie or a flannel and let the shoes speak for themselves.

Want something that goes with every outfit? A classic snapback with a black-on-black, like our Crown Trucker Hat, is the easiest accessory to throw on with any outfit. The subtle crown design doesn’t overshadow the rest of your look or logos, and the black-on-black color blends in but still adds a little something extra to your look.

It’s All About Fit

You want your clothes to fit you right. Streetwear hoodies and stoner clothing can quickly get too baggy and look sloppy. Finding the right middle ground between too loose, too tight, and just right can sometimes be a struggle. When you’re shopping online, check to see if there is a sizing chart. Knowing the dimensions of a t-shirt can mean the difference between casually loose and swimmingly oversized.

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