Find a Style That's as Fresh as Your Bud

You worry about your bud being fresh, but how about your style?

Discover Originals apparel that matches your style and keeps you comfortable. From a basic hoodie with our bear logo to strain-specific tees, we have casual clothes to show everyone you’ve got an effortless style that speaks for itself.

Casual Clothes & Fresh Buds

From the heart of LA, the Originals brand is known for our fresh buds and our fresh, cool clothes. You knew that already, though. Where else would you go for premium weed? We’re constantly mastering our craft to bring you the very best. From cultivation to clothing, the best is always yet to come.

When you choose the best quality bud, why would you settle for something subpar when it comes to the casual clothes you wear every day?

How To Find Your Style

Finding your own personal style can be difficult. We’re here to make things easier for you.

When choosing what to wear every day, you should go for things that make you feel good. Comfortable, cool clothes that show people your personality. Choose things that you’re interested in, that inspire you, things that you think are cool. Don’t let other people tell you what to wear.

Unisex Clothing

We create pieces anyone can wear and feel good in.

Having staple pieces in your wardrobe that go with anything can make your style look even more effortless. They’re easy essentials for someone who’s not sure what their style is or how to put outfits together.


Sweatshirts are the ultimate unisex clothing item because anyone can throw one on and instantly look dope. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans, some sneakers, and an Originals hoodie with our bear logo, and you’re set. Casual streetwear meets weed apparel.

Shop the OG Bear Hoodie.


So many ways to wear a t-shirt. Loose and free over a pair of sweatpants or front-tucked into shorts. Wear it with bike shorts or leggings. Dress it up or down. A simple t-shirt is so versatile, and when you add a sick design, you don’t need anything else.

Shop the Originals Family Farms Tee Shirt


What better way to add a little something extra to an outfit than with a hat? This simple edition of a branded snapback or logo beanie can take a look from too simple to effortlessly stylish instantly.

Shop the Originals Snapback.

Shop the Originals Beanie.

Fresh Buds

Rep your favorite strain in style with the Originals Strain Collection. We took your favorite Originals strains and designed weed apparel that is extra soft, super cozy, and definitely stylish. From Animal Face to our iconic Wedding Cake Strain, find your favorites on both a regular tee style and a crop top version.

Shop the Originals Wedding Cake Strain Shirt.

Find your style and shop Originals Clothing.