Casual Fashion This Summer: Streetwear Hoodies

Who says you can’t wear a sweatshirt in the summer? Look good and feel good with the Originals OG Collection of streetwear hoodies.

From cultivation to clothing, we’re constantly in pursuit of perfection. We’re growing and designing the best California has to offer – from streetwear hoodies to weed apparel, join the family and represent.

Streetwear Hoodies

Everyone needs a cozy go-to hoodie to curl up in, so go for one that's soft, smooth, and stylish. It's the perfect choice for cooler evenings! California can get hot during the summer, but no matter where you are -- you always need a good, comfy sweatshirt around. For nights around the bonfire or when you’re couch locked in an overly air conditioned apartment, reach for your favorite Originals sweatshirt.

Our OG Collection features shirts, mugs, hats, stickers, phone cases, and four original sweatshirt designs. From the iconic Originals logo to a California grizzly bear design and a “thank you for pot smoking” message, our weed-inspired streetwear hoodies are always original.

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Originals Bear Hoodies

The inspiration behind this sweatshirt came from the California state flag and our national state animal, the grizzly bear. This hoodie features a black and white grizzly bear with original designs and patterns throughout, flames, checks, stripes, and weed leaves.

Check out the inspiration behind our OG Collection and more about the Bear Hoodie.

Originals Family Farms Hoodie

An OG classic. You can’t go wrong repping the Originals Family Farms logo. Let everyone know that you smoke the best LA has to offer.

Did you know that at the Originals Factory & Weed Shop, we grow our own weed? Our flower is grown in-house by our seasoned and professional team. We always say, if you want to do it right, you do it yourself.

Originals 2021 Zip Up Hoodie

A lightweight, modern fit unisex zip-up hoodie with the Originals Family Farms logo on the front and all your favorite Originals strains on the back. Like a band concert tour date tee, but it’s all the weed.

Thank You Hoodie

Our “Thank You for Pot Smoking” hoodie in a graffiti-style font on the front lets everyone know how much you appreciate them. From King Louie to Animal Face and all the OGs in between, show off your Originality with the 2021 list of Originals strains on the back.

The best is always yet to come. We’re a family with the common goal of growing and designing the best California has to offer.

Discover the Originals Clothing Shop and always be original.