Drawing Inspiration From LA Roots for the OG Collection

Our first collection, the OG Collection, was inspired by cannabis and California. We used our LA roots to create casual clothing with weed-inspired designs that were as comfortable as they are cool.

From California’s cannabis history to our family farm’s origins, discover our inspiration behind the OG Collection.

California & Weed

California has a long and progressive history with weed. As an open and inclusive state, many of us are proud that California was the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use and is the state that produces the most (and we like to think best) cannabis in the US.

Here’s a little history of the cannabis laws in California.


For many, many years, marijuana and hemp plants were regularly grown throughout the state of California and cultivated for rope, fiber, and more. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that regulations began to be put in place.



In 1907, the Poison and Pharmacy Act made it illegal to sell or use cocaine, opium, and morphine without a prescription. An addendum made in 1913 added marijuana to that list.


Although it failed, California became the first to try to independently legalize marijuana in 1972.


The first to legalize medical marijuana use, Californians voted in 1996 to legalize cannabis for medical patients with the Compassionate Use Act.


Joining states like Washington and Colorado, California residents voted to fully legalize the sale and distribution of marijuana in 2016.

Originals LA Shop

A family-run business since the very beginning, we’ve always believed that if you want it done right, you do it yourself.

We started the Originals Factory & Weed Shop in the heart of Los Angeles back in 2006. Masters in our craft, we have been growing and cultivating our own cannabis since the start.

We’re out here growing the best California has to offer -- growing the OGs like King Louie and Oakstradam and giving the locals what they want.

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Originals OG Collection

From cultivation to clothing, Originals weed clothing is inspired by our cannabis passion and instantly recognizable as being OGs in the game. We created our first collection, the OG Collection, full of casual clothing and dope weed hoodies that represent who we are as a brand, from a dope leaf design, our Originals Family Farms logo, and a classic California grizzly bear print for tee shirts, crop tops, hoodies, and more. We’re always original, proud Californians who like their stoner clothing to be stylish and comfortable.

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California Bear Hoodie

When you think about California, one of the things that might come to mind is the state bear, the California grizzly bear. And you probably picture it floating on the state flag, huh? The red, green, and white background for the classic brown bear with a simple, symbolic red star guiding its way. When we decided to do a California-inspired collection, we immediately knew the grizzly bear had to make an appearance. Combining the unmistakable California grizzly bear silhouette with our craft instantly created iconic weed hoodies that are homegrown, just like us.

The graphic design on the cozy black hoodie features four individual designs and patterns throughout the body of the bear. His front leg gives a nod to our first love, weed, highlighting a recognizable leaf pattern. His torso shows simple stripes that lead you to his two back legs, where you’ll find a sick flame design and a dope checkered pattern. Simple yet impactful, our weed hoodies are where top-shelf designs meet quality fabrics and effortless originality.

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From the California grizzly bear to our iconic leaf design, the best is always yet to come. When it comes to our weed clothing, we create top-shelf designs on quality fabrics so you can rep your originality. We were inspired by our home state of California when we created our first collection. From cultivation to clothing, we’re constantly in pursuit of perfection.