Cannabis Experiences Increased by Comfort and Your Sense of Touch

While everyone’s experience smoking weed is different, many people find their cannabis experience increased when they surround themselves with cozy, comfortable, and kush-y things.

Discover the best way to take your high to a whole other level by playing into these enhanced sensory effects with Originals weed clothing.

Weed Effects

When you smoke weed, the chemicals (like THC) rapidly move from the plant to your lungs, into your bloodstream, throughout your body, and finally to your brain. You will almost immediately begin to feel the effects.

While that “high” is different for everyone, many people experience a euphoric feeling and an enhanced sense of relaxation. Today, we’re here to talk about the other effects of marijuana.

A few other effects include an altered sense of time, changes in mood, impaired memory, and increased appetite -- just to name a few.

Many pot smokers experience a heightened sensory perception after smoking. Sounds, colors, textures, and patterns are often enhanced during the trip.

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Feel The Difference

Heightened sensory perception can mean that sounds seem louder, colors look brighter, textures feel bolder, and foods taste better. You might experience all of these sensations or none of them. Either way, before your first hit, we recommend setting yourself up for success; dim the lights, snuggle up with a cozy blanket and a snack, and turn on some good music. Let’s see if you can hear, see, feel, and taste the difference.

Super Soft Weed Clothing

When you’re about to smoke, you want to put on something that is soft and comfortable and feels just right. Some people find that when they’re high, fuzzy fabrics feel softer and smooth textures feel silkier. Snuggle into your favorite weed hoodie, get cozy on the couch, and settle in for a super soft and kush-y trip.

Our Originals Hoodies are made with air-jet spun yarn for a super soft feel that won’t pill easily (so it will stay softer for longer). Plus, the double-lined hood is perfect for when you're ready to nap, just pull it up and nestle in. Wake up hungry? Good thing you’ve got some snacks hidden away in the front pouch pocket.

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Relaxed & At Ease

Even if you don’t experience heightened tactical senses, many people find a little nug to be very relaxing and make them feel drowsy. So, if you find yourself feeling tired and sluggish, you’re still going to want to wear something that is comfortable enough to spend all day laying on the couch in.

Increase your cannabis experience with Originals weed clothing.